Dec 29, 2009

TACO BELL: Free Fresco Taco - 1 million available

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Free fresco taco from Taco Bell!

Log on to and click on the taco icon for a coupon — "valid for 7 days from download or until 1 million free taco coupons are redeemed (including online and print coupons), whichever occurs first."

Via NY Daily News, re: Taco Bell's new campaign:

Move over Jared, there’s a new fast-food weight-loss icon in the making.

Say hello to Christine: She lost 54 pounds by ordering off
Taco Bell's low-fat “Fresco” menu, according to the chain's new Drive-Thru Diet campaign, reports.

In a short statement on, Christine attribites her weight loss, which happened over two years, to "choosing Fresco items ... and making other sensible choices."
"These results aren't typical," she adds, "but for me they were fantastic!"

Hmmm... I don't buy it, but I guess it's better than those stupid Mandy Moore adult acne commercials. Christine is the mom-like lady below in the image.

Oh, and Fresco Tacos have fewer than 200 calories apiece!

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