POSTABON, your new Retail-Sale Superman (complete with groupies)
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Remember that killer Zappos free shipping for life sale you missed? Well, that really wasn’t necessary - but it’s ok and you can stop feeling bad. Why? Because Postabon launched last week (yippee!) and their mission is to make sure internet citizens never miss a deal again!

It was recently called by VentureBeat the love child of Foursquare and Groupon (two of my very favorite things) and that name isn’t too far off. By combining Groupon-like sales and deals with an active Foursquare-like local social network, Postabon is poised to become your one-stop shop for all things cheap in NYC.

The site is basically a Google map that users-in-the-know continuously update with “Bons,” aka sales and deals, across New York City. To make sharing easy, users can submit their Bons through Postabon’s Web site, iPhone app, or mobile website which is currently iPhone, Palm Pre, and Droid friendly. Get a deal in email? Easy – log on and submit. Notice a great sale at a small store? Sweet – tap it into your iPhone and hit send.

Loyal, persistent Postabon users (I have dubbed them Postabon groupies) earn “Karma points” as they compete for the top Karma Board spots and accrue followers. To motivate the community to submit deals during the company's pilot, Postabon is offering a $200 weekly raffle for everyone that submits at least one local discount idea! You'd agree with me when I say that's more substantial than a shiny digital Foursquare badge… right? Hah.

For those of you who are like “WHAT THE HELL IS FOURSQUARE AND GROUPON?!” don’t worry about it. According to Postabon O'Flaherty's Ale House has $3 Bud, Bud Light, and Champagne and Diane Von Furstenberg has a 75% off sample sale running. So get on Postabon, start poking around and submit your deals because the recession might be over (FML—I really need to rebrand) but it’s still cool to save money.

GIVEAWAY: Win a $50 Gift Card, sponsored by POSTABON!
I have four $50 America Express gift cards to giveaway to lucky readers! These are exclusive to readers of this blog and in addition to the existing raffle for which you would also be eligible. Entering is easy:

1 mandatory entry: visit Postabon and come back with a URL to a deal you like!
1 additional entry: sign up for Postabon and POST a deal!
1 additional entry: follow + tweet about this giveaway @ricebird and @postabon
2 additional entries: blog about this deal on your website!

Fill out this form to let me know what you’ve done. A winner will be randomly chosen on 12/19!


theoneredhead said...

This Victoria's Secret deal is pretty sweet!

GloJoeSews said...
I love Pottery Barn!

Elliot + Brandy Wilson said...

I also dig Pottery Barn!

Barbara said...

Victoria's Secret deal is nice

Laura said...

Appreciate that I just made a clip of this.

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