This is perfect for lazy women and gay men, plus it's the most awesome branding I've ever seen for a handiman! Skip shady Craigslist ads and buy a Groupon worth $200 for only $50 to get shit done around the house while you sip ice tea. You get two hours of service per Groupon/$50, and you can buy up to four Groupons for 8 hours of help!

If you don't have a boyfriend, or your boyfriend's boyfriending is semi-competent at best, today's side deal will make sure you get your flat-screen TV mounted without breaking anything. For $50, you'll get two hours of handyman services through Boyfriend For Hire (a $200 value). You may buy a maximum of four Groupons, and can combine up to two at a time for four hours of handywork with a minimum of plumber's crack. Time starts when your hired boyfriend arrives at your home or office; there is no charge for travel times.

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