Dec 30, 2009

FREECYCLE NYC: Get free stuff in New York City

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This Christmas I received a very lovely DVD player because my poor APEX skips. What do you do with a DVD player that skips? Offer it to people on Freecycle, of course.

Freecycle is a Yahoo group dedicated to uniting people with useable stuff they don't want and people willing to make use of it. So if scavengars in your trash are an unwelcome sight, you can meet someone on your curb that you cherry pick from CL ad like responses.

[When I first found out about Freecycle, I acquired this magazine rack,which is now overflowing with photography magazines]

You can list something you have as an OFFER, or ask for something as a WANT. You'll see a lot of requests for things like computers, cooking tools and childrens clothes, but the offers are usually things like... skipping DVD players. But occasionally there are gems, like free paint, digital cameras and college text books!

Join Freecycle here:

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Andrew Abraham said...

How true...Here is something I found

ezwingame...they are giving away a free apple itouch... cool stuff...


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