Guest blogger Alan Danzis returns! And so does his Geekiness! Read on about the amazing Black Friday Old Navy deal he scouted...

One of my favorite video game blogs, Joystiq, is reporting that a leaked circular for Old Navy is offering anyone who pays $20 in-store on Black Friday gets a free copy of Lego Rock Band on any video game console of their choice.

Rock Band, like Guitar Hero, is a video game that allows you to use fake plastic instruments to “play” real world songs. The Lego toy line has been partnering on a number of video games the past few years and has seen a resurgence in their brand because of it—I played the Star Wars one, but never got around to the Batman or Indiana Jones ones. Alas, this shows the Rock Band franchise is getting just as tired and out of new ideas as the Guitar Hero one. Really, Legos?

So while I can’t say Lego Rock Band was going to be on my Christmas list (Santa, don’t forget, I want Assassin’s Creed 2 and Modern Warfare 2… thanks!), giving the $46.99 game away for free seems pretty good, if you have young kids—or still love Legos.

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