I know we all suffer from extreme brokeness around the holidays, especially if you have significant others, an extremely extended generous-hearted family, and/or more friends than you shake a a pay stub at. To help, I'm compiling a list of cheap last minute, recession-priced holiday gifts you WON'T be embarressed to give.

If you have any tips or items you think should be included, please email me here: nycrecessiondiary AT gmail.com

I'm also interested in hearing from any publicists or business owners that have a product they think will fit into these categories.

I'll be listing a few items that look expensive at first glance (hello, technology) but are actually worth every penny. Perhaps these will be gifts you give yourself ;)

So send me your ideas, and even better, your WANTS!

The guide will hit December 1st (because who really shops before then unless you're one of those lovely mommy bloggers who have it all figured out?!). Plus, it will be in PDF format for easy print-and-shop!

Now that I've said this, I better make this happen.

I need a beer.


Erica said...

What a fabulous idea. I hope you make this happen!

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