You may have missed this today, but you've got Friday!

A friend of mine and I braved the crowds today and got our free custom fitted Thomas Pink white collared shirts. So excited! They will be fedexed to our doorsteps within ten days.

After we braved the line, we met with one of six tailors who measured us and wrote down our shirt preference. Men choose from three styles: classic, slim fit and evening. Women choose from two styles: classic and slim fit. My friend and I went for slimfit because it would look awesome tucked into a highwaisted skirt. (The classic would be great for everyday wear, including with jeans.)

Starting at 8am, line up and get your free fitted white shirt on Friday! Also, the cast members are supposed to make an appearance....

I think it's worth it. I mean, a $180 shirt for free? C'mon. Thanks USA Network! Hopefully White Collar doesn't suck.

Getting measured. Cute pink measuring tape, huh?

A display of people's choices.

The flier in case you need it again.


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