HAHAHA! I love this link that was passed onto me (he finds the greatest stuff, and I wish he would guest blog again!).

Want a FREE SNUGGIE? Of course you do. If you're unfamilair with Snuggie, it's a blanket with arms (you'll look like a bright monk.) Completely ridiculous looking, Snuggie has hit the world via a Snuggie storm. Every cool kid has one. It has even inspired national bar crawls.

GET YOUR FREE SNUGGIE WHILE IT'S HOT: http://dealzon.com/deals/get-a-snuggie-blanket-for-free-with-free-shipping

Since you'll now have a Snuggie, you should definately go to the bar crawl: http://www.snuggiepubcrawls.com/


Goob said...

Just a heads up: this offer isn't legit and only collects people's info to spam them.

More info about the offer can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/HeyItsFree#/HeyItsFree?v=feed&story_fbid=175646762408&ref=mf

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