Bring Your Mug to Work Day was yesterday!

Did you bring your mug to work?


Want a mug to LEAVE at work?

Cool - I've got one for you! Details below.

But first, this lovely message from International Delight:

Nowadays, people are seeking the perfect coffeehouse cup of coffee without the cost. In fact, according to a recent survey of more than 500 people commissioned by International Delight and conducted by Braun Research, 63 percent of American coffee drinkers have made a conscious effort to brew at home due to the state of the economy (or in my case, skip Starbucks and crack open the FLAVIA machine in the office. Free coffee at work!).

However, cutting costs doesn't have to mean giving up your favorite coffeehouse concoction. To help people get the same gourmet flavor at home, International Delight is introducing CoffeeHouse Inspirations. Now, coffee-lovers can craft the perfect cup of coffee at home without skimping on taste or flavor. The new line is available in the three most popular coffeehouse flavors.

--Caramel Macchiato: Bold caramel flavor with notes of sweet cream (I tasted this and it was amazing!)
--White Chocolate Mocha: Rich white chocolate flavor in a luscious creamy blend
--Vanilla Latte: A decadent infusion of sweet vanilla flavor

When it comes to the environment, according to a survey conducted by Kelton Research, 67 percent of consumers who frequent coffee shops admit to discarding their used paper cups into a regular trash can – which contributes to a whopping 28 billion cups (100 million pounds of paper) every year that end up in landfills.

That’s why International Delight celebrated “Take Your Mug to Work Day” on October 15. Rather than stopping at your favorite coffee shop, we encourage you to brew your cup of joe at home or work – and enjoy it in a reusable mug or cup. Upload a photo of your “mug shot” on to enter to win a coffee prize pack.

Details on this coming soon! Included in the SWAG BAG will be one of International Delight's coffee mugs! Sa-weeeeet!

You know you want this stuff! FYI, International Delight is a client of my PR agency.


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