Oct 20, 2009


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Since my mother periodically sends me emails asking if I'm dead because I'm starving, I thought it was about time for a Frutober update.

All in all, the program is coming along nicely. Lets visit the hard stats everyone wants to know: HOW MUCH HAVE I SPENT?

Right now, I've spent a total of $40.26. We can separate that into a few clear buckets.

--A couple nights I've been starving after a night of freeloading off various open bars and events with friends. Where the hell
does one eat on a frugal budget? At Fatty McFatterson, aka McDonalds, of course.

I've had two dinners there and spent a total of $7.25 on two Happy Meals. They did make me happy, in case you were wondering.

STILES FARMERS MARKET (and other fruit/veggie stands)
--Fresh fruit, veggies, etc. have been the bulk of my spending. I've spent $15.83 in the category. I love me some lettuce.

DRINKS (nonalcoholic)
--After a night of free drinking, one gets a little groggy in the morning. I've spent $7.25 on bottled beverages not because I really wanted to, but because it was the right thing to do.

--We had a bake sale in the office so I spent $1 on something to eat. Yay.

Now, since I hate posts without images, here's some pictures of three meals I've eaten this month and their back story.

Bhavana made me this one day as a surprise. Like my mother, she fears I'm going to starve. It's lentils with potatoes and green beans. Spicy delishness. Also extremely convienent since I forgot to pack a lunch that day and I really didn't want to survive off the free tortilla chips someone gave me a few weeks ago.

I had some lettuce that was threatening to go bad, so I created this weird but delish salad. The usual salad suspects (onion, carrots, etc) were not in stock, so I threw together a boiled egg, celery, couscous and garlic with the greenleaf lettuce, and topped it with oil and balsamic vinegar.

This is a free dinner I snagged from a meeting leftovers. Not sure what the meeting was, but I made out like a freaking bandit. Thank you, faceless client and account team!
10 MORE DAYS TO GO! I wonder if I'll spend the full $75?



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oh em gee. you are amazing. can't believe how well you're doing!

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