As many of you deduced from common sense, yesterday was my first day on the Frutober plan. To prep, I cleaned out my cupboards, fridge and freezer to see what delicious bounty I'll be feasting on this month.

First there was the freezer! I had some frozen hamburger, chicken, homemade soup, a variety of breads and that nasty looking Krasdale spinach. That might still be left over in November.

Next was the cupboards. Pasta, tuna, lentils and ramen! Not bad. Those breadcrumbs might get slightly abused.

The refridgerator contents! Hummus, feta cheese and 11 eggs are the highlights (does anyone else think that pointy egg is weird? Kinda freaking me out.) My roommate gave me some english muffins so that was sweet of her (Oh, Eva and her irrational fear of mold)!

All the cans. Chickpea and olives bathed in turkey gravy, anyone?

I thought you'd like to see my dinner last night. Italian style tuna fish sandwich with carrots and hummus. Yummmm.

And here's the lunch I made for today. I used up my shredded cheese, the last bit of tomato sauce from this jar and one of the pizza crusts from the freezer. I also grabbed the rest of the baby carrots.

Tonight I'm gonna go shopping for fresh vegetables and fruits. What ooooo what will I buy?!


Stay tuned, Frutober followers.

Until then, stay frassy! (frugal and classy)


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