Oct 5, 2009

FRUTOBER: Fifth Day Update

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Hello, all. I'm sure you're ancy in your seats wondering about my Frutober status.

Well, so far I've spent:

CTOWN (grocery store): $5.83
4 8-oz cans of Hunts tomato sauce
1 can of french onion soup (today's stinky lunch -mm, mmmm)
1 pack of shredded cheese
1 bread roll

Local Fruit Stand: $3.50
1 bunch of escerole (for homemade soup!!! and the guinea pig eats this, too. so does this all count? bleh, whatever, I'm counting it)
1 small onion
1 pack of tomatoes (old tomatoes i use to make my own sauce. interested in the recipe? it's diviiiiine.)

I've spent a grand total of $9.33 so far. Therfore, I'm left with 65.67 for the rest of the month. Tonight I'm going to Stile's Farmer's Market, so I'll give you another grand up date (complete with a picture of my bounty) tomorrow.

For food this weekend I mostly ate homemade sauce and pasta with sprinkled cheese I had in the house - obviously.

Last night's dinner, on the other hand, consisted of delicious free food from the Manhattan Cocktail Classic's Weekend Preview Gala, which included oysters, fancy breads, meats and cheeses (more info later today)!

'Till next time, Frutoberians.


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