When Mom and Dad come to visit, when old sorority sister “stops by” for a week, and when your significant other is catching on to your one too many nights in with Netflix, what do they want to do?


This is when you can stop pulling out your hair and say, “Why hello, Season of Savings!”

Season of Savings? Yes, Season of Savings.

Thanks to them, you can save up to 55% off 17 different Broadway shows!

-Take Mom and Dad to see Phantom of the Opera.
-Take your sorority sister to see Bye Bye Birdie.
-Take a date to see Rock of Ages.

If Broadway ain’t your thing, they even have discounts to off-Broadway stuff! (I want to see Altar Boys and Vigil. Anyone want to take me? Eh?)

The timing of the discount availability for each show ranges from August 30 to December 20. To see their full roster of available shows, download the coupons, and buy your tickets, log on to http://www.seasonofsavings.com/.

Deals include 50% off tickets for Chicago, $55 ticket coupons to HAIR and $40 to Mary Poppins, or up to 30% savings on Rock of Ages.

So, I did the math/comparison on Shrek for a day in September, and if you paid full price for an Orchestra seat, you’re out $124 bucks. Using Season of Savings you only pay $64!

Oh, and I like this video below because a little girl said Shrek "took her mind off the recession."

(full discloser, yes, this is a client.)


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