Frutober is getting some link love!

Over at Brokelyn (broke, in Brooklyn, get it? har har) they posted about various Brooklyn bloggers being frugal foodies. My Frutober was included in the round up, and they had this to say about me:

Then there’s NYC Recession Diary whose 20-something Williamsburg author Katharine has just pledged to spend only $75 on food for the month of October. That’s $2.40 a day, which she says she’ll achieve by depleting her pantry of pasta and rice and her freezer of Hot Pockets. Katharine has dubbed the endeavor “Frutober” (frugal+October), and she’ll also be cutting out taxis, shopping and movies. Though she’s been blogging about inexpensive fun in the city for two years, Katharine admits that she never really saves any money (could be the taxis there, Katharine). Plus, she’s hoping to lose five to eight pounds. That’s one way.

Yeah, it could be the taxis. Dammit.

Check out the full story (which also features Not Eating Out in New York, Being Cheap Never Tasted So Good, and 30 Bucks a Week, ):


BS said...

It could be the taxis..
or Express.
Kick some blog ass.

gettodog said...

You know, if you tried using, the new cab sharing site for New Yorkers, you could save quite a bit of cash? Just a thought!

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