Upon my first few months in NYC, my dearest friends told me about Shecky’s. Twenty-thirty bucks gets you a night of drinks, a goodie bag, makeovers, games with prizes and sometimes more!

Last week on Thursday, Shecky’s hosted a FREE party in Hoboken (the sixth borough), complete with endless drinks (Bacardi Mojitos -mmm), appetizers and goodie bags. It wasn’t as glamorous as the parties you pay for, but in a recession a night of free drinking with your best girlfriends is something to be cherished. (It’s also pretty much the theme of this blog, if you haven’t noticed yet.)

Double-fisting, we checked out the vendors. Lines for the manicure stattion were way too long - and a hideous color. The clothes vendors were pretty on the rack, but when we tried them on they just didn't fit right. Despite these hit-and-miss vendors, one did shine above the rest. At the end of the night we all decided, hands-down, that our take-home favorite was …Bath Junkie! We sampled their body scrubs, and they felt delish. So smooth! So smooth and so delish that pretty much all of us bought a set.

Here are their smiling faces:

Another shout-out goes to the Bacardi bartenders. Although they wouldn’t give us bottles of Bacardi's Mojito Raspberry mix to take home at the end of the night (No! You won’t get fired! We promise!), they did keep the drinks a-flowing all night long. Product placement shot:

For discounted tickets to the next Shecky’s NYC bash (Oct. 19-23), check out Goldstar for when tickets are live! They discount the tickets to $15 or so.


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