I never knew a penis had so much in common with a balloon animal.

Last night for over an hour and a half, Bhavana and I giggled, pointed and squealed as two very wholesome looking boys twisted, jerked, wound and squeezed their penises into over 12 different contortions because, folks, a penis is not only a penis, but also a windsurfer, the Eiffel Tower, a hairy tongue, Yoda, the Loch Ness Monster, a brain, a roller skate, the Olympic torch (complete with fire), and fried chicken.

Audience members weren’t allowed to take pictures, until their signature trick “The hamburger” came out to play. (I did take a picture, but my mom reads this and yells at me for swearing – imagine if I posted a picture of a hamburger penis?! So here's a friendly full-frontal instead. Hi, mom.)

At one point, they asked for an audience member! Imagine my glee as I instantly volunteered Bhavana. She “reluctantly” raised her hand, but of course they picked some middle-aged Capri-wearing bachelorette party member instead. Bitch. (Sorry about the swear, mom.)

After the show, the boys (long time friends Chris Cannon and Rich Binning) “hung out” (clothed) to sign/draw penises all over our programs, and pose for this picture:


A special thanks to What’s Up NYC, the website where I won my free second-row tickets, because I can now check “Dick Trick Puppet Show” off my NYC to-do list. Oh, that’s not on your list? Well, get on and add it (especially if you’re a woman or gay) because the show is at 45 Bleecker Street for only two more performances! (tonight, and um…tomorrow).
UPDATE: the show is now extended through 10/3!


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This is my favoritest post ever.

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