Katherine is back! This time she brings good word about CHEAP BEER. Katherine loves cheap beer. I mean, come on, everyone should love cheap beer.

Wicked Willy’s… Wicked Cheap Beer
by Katherine Epstein

After my shenanigans at Caffe Vivaldi open mic night last week, I stumbled upon something too good to be true on my way to Kenny Castaways…$1 Miller Light bottles all night at Wicked Willy’s in the West Village every Monday night.

Although the feel at Wicked Willy's is very collegesque, with drunken people (mainly from New Jersey) collapsing all over the places, taking jello shots, and playing beer pong, how could one resist?

Located at 149 Bleeker Street, Wicked Willy’s makes me think I will never again pay $5 for a bottled Miller Light, or any beer for that matter.



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