Nick Ragone publicly declared on Facebook upon losing a bet to a coworker that he refused to pony up the cash he legitimately lost. The excuse? “No good reason, except that I'm cheap.” Many further things should be noted about Nick, but I’ll keep it simple. A partner at my agency, he pens, an opinionated right-wing political blog, and if you still watch TV news you might witness his talking head on Fox.

In his tight-fisted Republican way, Nick shares with us a short case study on his cheapness:

I'm Cheap - Deal with it
By Nick Ragone

Evidently, my cheapness precedes me. Or perhaps it’s because I publicly welched on a bet with Chris Kooluris (he bet me $200 that Tiger Woods wouldn’t win the PGA … just my luck that Tiger would break his 14/14 streak in majors when leading after 54 holes to someone named Y.E. Yang) that I’ve gained renewed notoriety for my cheapness.

Truth is, I’m just cheap. Plain and simple. I don’t like to spend money. I don’t really buy anything except when I’m forced to (such as metro cards and diet Dr. Pepper). It’s served me well. Once during law school, I went about a month without spending anything. Not a nickel. I would search out free food from this event or that event, and mooch dinner in the cafeteria off someone. It got to the point where nobody even bothered to ask me if I had money for drinks and just factored my cheapness into the equation when we went out. I still consider that my greatest achievement in life.

Cheapness used to be lame, but now that we’re in month 18 of the worst recession since the Great Depression, my cheapness is sort of cool. Or at least acceptable. I’m no longer penurious; now I’m wise and strategic. I’m not a miser, I’m a planner.

A mooch? No, I’m behaving responsibly.

If you’d like to model yourself after law school Nick Ragone, keep tuned to NYC Recession Diary for all your free food and drink needs. Also, hire his photographer.


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