Aug 12, 2009

GROUPON: Ridiculously Discounted Speed Reading Class!

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Wanted to quickly share today's NYC Groupon, because I think it's an amazing value. If you're a student, or want to skim over your Kindel a little bit quicker, here's your chance!

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Read this. Then read this five times faster after a speed reading class at Iris Reading. Choose between a one-day, five-hour class (a $199 value) or a two-day, ten-hour class (a $299 value) to break old reading habits across the knee with a spinning, backbreaking bookmark and replace them with more effective techniques.

With strategies for reading technical material and speed-reading techniques on the computer, Iris courses are perfect for business professionals. Iris's website says it has taught speed reading courses at Lehman Brothers, the former Wall Street investment bank, and HSBC, the world's largest banking group. If your business's leaders read faster than the Lehman Brothers, you can probably avoid a catastrophic fall from grace into a fiery, slow-reading bankruptcy inferno.

Speed reading is great for students who have heavy reading assignments, providing an excellent alternative to hauling massive books at wheelbarrow speed. Iris is currently working with several Chicago Public Schools to help students learn more efficient reading skills. And undergrads at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Ohio State University successfully used Iris to spend less time reading textbooks and more time speed-reading thousands of Facebook wall posts. Classes are held in a couple different locations on Saturdays and Sundays; click here for dates and times.

The average person in the United States reads about one Groupon per minute (150-250 words per minute). Most students finish the Iris Reading Program reading two to five times faster without losing comprehension. That means an exceptional student could end up reading five Groupons per minute.

Note: Materials are provided, but you're encouraged to bring your own reading material so that techniques can be applied to various types of reading.


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