Jul 26, 2009

YELP SUMMER PARTY: August 15, Water Taxi Beach

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I'm a huge fan of the water taxi beach on Governor's Island (post on that coming soon!), but I haven't made my way to the one in Long Island City, Queens yet.

Looks like I've got an excuse now.

Check out Yelp's FREE Beach PArty on August 15! To RSVP, details below.

August 15
The summer sun has spent a few months beating down on the concrete streets of Manhattan and the locals are getting restless. What better time to kick back with a burger and a beer?

This is no ordinary beach party, however, this is the Yelp's A Beach Summer Spectacular!
Dance to live DJ's, satiate your hunger with burgers, potato salad, hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches from the Beach Kitchens.

Entertainment may include Hula Hoop girls, popsicle purveyors, sunscreen, masseuses, a shaded relaxation lounge, games, prizes, a Yelp photobooth and much, much more.All guests will sample and judge more than ten different creations from a variety of small spirits purveyors in The Ultimate Summer Cocktail competition sponsored by the NY Spirits Awards.

TO RSVP: http://www.yelp.com/events/long-island-city-yelps-a-beach---rsvps-are-now-open


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