So you know that "Mojito Monday" Bacardi/Crowne Plaza promotion that's floating around the internets (and that I posted about here)?


I showed up last night expecting it to be packed - my friend didn't bother to speculate with me as we rode up the escalator. I think she just needed a strong one.

Lo, a strong one "on the house," as promised, was not to be found.

We entered the nearly empty bar room at the Crowne Plaza and stepped up to the bartender. I asked about the Mojitos. He stared at me. I stared back.

"Oh, sorry sweetie. That's a Barcardi thing. We did it last week and it was a disaster!"

"The promotion said it was all summer?" I coyly asked.

"We cancelled it. It was a disaster," bartender repeated. He seemed slightly apologetic, but quite happy to be rid of me as I walked away, no Mojito in hand, with a friend still desperate for a drink.

So what did you miss last night? Nothing, except another example of brands/venues promising and promoting "free" just to fall back on their word. Excellent publicity.


BS said...

Thank the lord for Long Island Iced Teas!


Haha. I like your picture.

I'm really sorry they decided to cancel this without letting anybody know!

I feel bad, as it seems a few readers headed over hoping for free drinks.

I'll make you a mojito! :)

ricebird said...

LOL -- thanks! of all places we ended up at TGIFridays and got their two for one long island & margaritas, and half priced apps.

i wonder how many people went and were turned away....

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