Remember my post about the free NYLON summer music playlist? Looks like Urban Outfitters will not be undone (although, erm, they offered a free music download list in 2008 as well...)!

Click here to download URBAN OUTFITTERS free LSTN music list.

Unlike NYLON, you've got till freaking December 30 to download. No rush, but why wait? Exaaaacctly.


Anonymous said...

The GOOD news is, I made it all the way through 12 seconds of one of the songs, and that was because Sh'Niqua was biting the paper I have on the desk and, I, found that entertaining. Then I managed to go through most of the rest until I realized, I'm pretty sure anyone could just go and download these songs from each band's myspace page... hmm...

Evil; I am pure evil.

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