If all you want today is a quick-lick sugar rush, cruise past Crumbs Bakery. Skip the Skittle bag. Damn it, leave Little Debbie alone.

It’s time to trek to Tribeca Treats.

With their self-proclaimed “The best bang for your buck,” for just $1 you can NOT HAVE YOUR CAKE, but enjoy ...the frosting.

Frossssssssting. Droooooool.

These Frosting Shots come in chocolate and vanilla, and on cherry-picked days they carry their specialty icings (think peanut butter and cookies & cream). So call ahead and see what's sitting in the glass, if you're into that sort of thing (which it is).

Besides frosting shots, because momma says that selling just $1 frosting shots is not a sustainable business model, Tribeca Treats also carries various cookies, chocolates, cupcakes and regular cakes for every occasion. Think birthdays, bah mitzvahs and Katharine Deserves a Cupcake Because She Blogs For Me Day.

Speaking of blogs, Rachel Thebault (the lovely owner) maintains a rather interesting blog that covers topics you wouldn’t quite expect from a bakery. From her opinion on Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle (Rachel doesn’t like her! gasp! someone said it!) to disturbing metaphors involving Disney and childbirth, make sure you give it a read while you’re licking your frosting shot clean: http://www.tribecatreats.com/blog.htm

the frosting shots, mocking you with all their glory

Tribeca Treats
94 Reade St
New York, NY 10013-3888
(212) 571-0500


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