In the spirit of my continued recession pioneering, I'd like to introduce a new feature I'll be posting regulary: SWAG BAG.

Starting out, Swag Bag post will be things like free samples or gifts you can sign up for online. For example, if I posted the free Time Out NY subscription today, it would fall under this category. Most of these will probably be available nationally, but I'll try my best to get ones specific to New Yorkers, because this is, after all NYC Recession Diary.


Expect to see at least two Swag Bag posts a week!

Today's SWAG BAG: Free Sarah Jessica Parker "Lovely" perfume sample!

Legendary Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker owns her own beauty line, and part of it is her LOVELY perfume.

The site takes a minute to load because it's flash intensive, but wait a moment, then click on the "request a sample" in the right hand corner.


Click here for your free Sarah Jessica Parker LOVELY fragrance sample.

Got a Swag Bag tip on something NYC Recession Diary should care about? Email me at nycrecessiondiary AT!


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