This is a pretty kick-ass My Open Bar listing!

Are you 25 and up? Email Patron and get in on this.

New Mixology Series for Major Cable Network
full bar, no cover / 6:30pm-10:30pm
Email for Address -- Midtown

Dear 1,230,864 unemployed NYC actors and actresses: it's your time to shine, or at least gorge yourself on freebies.

A new series for a major cable network - and we sure hope it's the WB! - is seeking patrons to recreate the atmosphere of an upscale New York City lounge. (Loud, douchey, and overpriced?) Men and women 25 and up are invited to nibble on some free grub, down gratis cocktails and be part of a "thrilling, high-paced series," all from the lazy comfort of a bar stool.

Email with your name, age, contact number, and headshot or recent photo. We'll be there, getting drunk while ignoring the scent of desperation in the air.

If you get in and go I expect comments tomorrow!


Tameeka said...

what cahnnel will this series be on

Stephen said...

CNN is sometimes referred to as CNN/U.S. to distinguish the North American channel from its international counterpart, CNN International. As of June 2008, CNN is available in over 93 million U.S. households.


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