Jul 13, 2009

Lecture Series: Learn how to WIN at CHANCE

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Forget chance! You CAN win bingo everytime! David Rees tells you how tonight at Pete's Candy Store in good 'ole Willy. From today's Gothamist:

LECTURE: Want to know how to win at a game of chance? Tonight David Rees will give a free tutorial on how to just that. "Mr. Rees will teach you how to win the lottery and how to win local neighborhood numbers games by picking the right numbers. He will explain which numbers pay out the best, which come up most often in lotteries, which numbers to avoid, etc. He will also tell people the must-know nicknames that bookies use for various numbers. If you're broke, unlucky, or simply numerophobic, you won't want to miss this."

7:30 p.m. // Pete's Candy Store [709 Lorimer St, Williamsburg] // Free


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