If you like standing early in lines so you can watch free movies, this was made especially for you.

Unfortunately, it's quite possibly the dumbest movie of 2009.

But you know what? Living and working in NYC, sometimes you need your brain to freeze over. I Love You Beth Cooper will probably do just that.

Click here to download your movie pass to I Love You Beth Cooper.

Starts: 7 pm, July 9
Lincoln Square Theatre


golublog said...

The reviews were pretty horrid. But free is free I guess.

ricebird said...

i didn't even see any reviews, the trailer was bad enough. oh, hayden. i'm waiting for her to get all Lohan.

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen here is I'm going to stare at Hayden Panettiere for an hour and a half and when someone asks me what happened I'm going to recount the six hundred and twelve times they cut to a shot of her smirking and a couple of other times she smiled and giggled at something but I wasn't sure because seriously, the movie is about Hayden and her deliciously sexy looks. Why even have a script? Let the random dorky-ass skinny loser kid run around and do his uncoordinated silly slapstick trip-and-falls in silence with silly piano music in the background, then cut to the busty blond smirking and occasionally giggling.

You love my run-on sentences and terrible structure. Hooray for all.


Hayden, if you read this, I will play the piano for you in the silent film movie. I swear I don't have lotion in a basket.

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