Don't tell me how I came across this blog, because it's a nonexciting story that involves the twists and turns of internet wave surfing, but I'm so so so glad I did. Because this is beautiful.

Eat Well, Eat Cheap, is written by a couple who started their blog because their weekly routine of eating out every Friday night with friends just started to get too expensive...

Then, one summer Friday, we ate at one of our houses, on one of our screen porches. We can’t remember whose house, and we can’t remember why—maybe there had been a good selection at the fish truck that day, maybe the evening was so unignorably lovely that we couldn’t stand to eat indoors—but we do remember that at one point we wondered aloud why anyone would rather eat in a restaurant.

Out of all my friends, I actually like to cook. I often wonder why anyone WOULD rather eat at restuarant, when I, of all people, can cook a decent meal? But as an NYC dweller, that's an easy question to answer: Time.

But I'm sure you're reading my blog because you're a little cash strapped. I want to remind you that even though you're so busy, sometimes time is more bountiful than money, and cooking at home will certainly save you some serious, serious cash.

Eat Well, Eat Cheap is plentiful with DELICIOUS looking recipes (Chickpea and eggplant gratin?! I'm in!) useful links (101 simple salads for the season from the NYT?! omg) and more useful food-related blogroll links than you could shake a chicken-on-a-stick at.

Give it a read, and let me know what you think.


Eat Well, Eat Cheap said...

Thank you for the plug. We'd love to know how you found us. We love your site and blog. How fun.

Eat Well, Eat Cheap said...


Sorry about doubling up the thanks, but thank you for the kind words about our food and wine blog. We're outside NYC but get in often enough to take advantage of some of your tips.

BTW, we noted your blogpost and blog on ours today.

Thanks again.

Ruth and Tim

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