Jul 30, 2009

DISCUSSION: What's enough of a "FREE" incentive for you?

Posted by ricebird |

I'd like to test out coversating in the comments.

QUESTION: What level of "free" does it take for you to go to something? 1 free drink? an hour open bar? a 2 hour open bar?

PLEASE DISCUSS! I'd like to have a dialogue about this.



ricebird said...

personally, it takes at least a 1 hour open bar for me to go somewhere, normally.

if it's a venue i've been wanting to visit, i dont need a free incentive. but some random place with a bare repuation? please - give me something, at least.

agree? disagree?

Heather said...

Okay so I would say 1 hr open bar beginning after 6:30, because I get off work late... and it has to be located somewhere convenient. Much more likely to go if the bar / lounge / restaurant is somewhat trendy, as I am more inclined to want to stay as it gets later in the evening!

thatsillygirl said...

tropical drinks.
show-up probability: 82%
combine that with munchies, and it's upped to 92%

mini, frosted cuppie cakes will draw me in, entourage in tow, every time. almost guaranteed.
show-up probability: 98%

celebrity hosts.
show-up probability: depends on who it is, duh.

gift bags/product samples. somehow, we're suckers for new things that are gratis. ooooh, yes yes.
show-up probability: 93%

Alan Danzis said...

At least one drink is good enough for me.

Manisha said...

Any 1-hour open bar after 7pm would be perfect! I get off work at 6:30pm, so making a happy hour sometime before 7pm is usually a struggle. I am also more likely to go if it is in a convenient location.

JerseyChris said...

2 hour open bar, but if it is a new place that is hard to get into otherwise less would work...

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