Dearest American Apparel, you can take a seat.

AMERCA’S BASICS has arrived, and they’re not putting up with your over-priced cotton and soft-core porn advertising.

Launched October 2008, America’s Basics (based in Brooklyn) believes every woman is at her best in something sexy, tight and basic. All their pieces are made from an exclusive blend of Cotton and Lycra, which feel great on your skin.

Oh. And said t-shirt doesn’t have to cost you $29.95. Or, the alternative, come from Rainbow Shoppes. Try $6.90.


This is an excellent basic t-shirt. For less than $7 you can't go wrong.
This photo shows the back of the dress, but the front of the dress is amazing.
Summer Casual Racerback Dress - Connie
Price: $13.00

This looks like something I could run around Manhattan in all summer.
Price: $8.50

I always need another basic tank top.
Everyday t-shirt, below average price!

HERE'S THE BEST PART: a NYC Recession Diary special! When you make a purchase and check out, put in the code NYC1, you get a free tank top with your order.

Also, starting Monday, I’ve been leaked word that they are having a “BIG CRAZY” clearance section! So check that out when it happens.


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(smirking like a 13 year old walking through the women's section at Sears)

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