Buy one get one free entrees at TGI Fridays now through June 22!

Not just for you New Yorkers - this deal is NATIONWIDE. And can be used anytime, as much as you want. Hell to the YEAH.

For us New Yorkers and New York Tourists, there's a nicely overpriced TGI Friday's located in Times Square. The people watching is worth it. So many weirdos.

Download your coupon:


Anonymous said...

Greetings Katharine,

This is Rick Nielsen writing. I'm here at my home in Woburn, Massachusetts with your Mom, Elizabeth and Zach. On their drive home from New Hampshire, they stopped by to visit. Your Mom is showing me Very impressive work! Keep it up ... Best of Success!

katharine said...

LOL! It's been a looooong time! Thanks for vieiwng and posting a comment :) Hope you're doing well!

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