The weather actually cooperated this weekend, but the L train did not. My particular stop was shut down, so to get into Manhattan I had to walk down Metropolitan Avenue. On my way to the train, I saw a lot of stoop parties, and it made me want a stoop. And yes, this is my segway into telling you about this cool free lecture Gothamist brought to my attention this morning, about none other than stoop-drinking:

EVENT: Last year Kimber Vanry was fined for cracking open a nice, cold beer on his stoop in Prospect Heights. He received much attention after refusing to pay the fine, starting a dialogue about stoop-drinking, and now he's going to tell his tale at Open City Dialogue (OCD) a bi-monthly lecture series that takes place alternating Mondays in the backroom of Pete's. "Short (35-40 minute) lectures are woven together from the common thread of people's obsessions, with guests coming from all over Greater New York."
7:30 p.m. // Pete's Candy Store [709 Lorimer St, Williamsburg] // Free


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