Here's another NYC Recession Diary Music Special!

Buy a ticket to Phil common's show, get a free CD! First 20 will, that is.

A little about Phil Common:

Phil Common has shared stages with Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors and Sony Record's David Poe. His songs have taken numerous mentions and awards in national and international songwriting contests. This growing talent is one to see.

"I was born and raised in Manhattan, NYC. What time i wasn't playing ball in the streets I spent mostly on stage. My first stage appearance was at the ripe age of 8 and since then no one has been able to keep me away for long.

I've always done a lot of thinking. If I am not a philosopher at least I am thoughtful. For the longest time I have tried to understand why I see so much of the life around me, the things and physics around me, as being so similar. A long time ago I put together some of my thoughts and came up with the name commonhaus to embody the ideas I was crafting, forming a band by that name, first in NY then in Chicago. The idea that all living things share much more in common with each other than show difference. We can most of us agree that there is a clear similarity between life in all of its forms, but the point I kept coming back to was that this sameness, this commonality binds us and gives us all a closer sense of belonging and a more crystal view into our place in this universe.

It's all to easy to forget the piece you are of all of us. We all walk different paths in life, but we all hold hands in the void."

Print this coupon, take it with you, and get a free CD! Think of it like a 2-for-1 drink at an open bar.



mockstar said...

Yay Phil! This gig us gojngcto be awesome.

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