Jun 8, 2009

LES$ Magazine: coupons aren't just for Mom anymore

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Yesterday I dragged my roommate far and wide across Williamsburg in search of Eddie's New Pickles. Alas, no pickles, but I found a non-food product that made the FAIL journey a little less stale: LES$ Magazine.

Now, you need to find the PAPER version of this so you can use it. But here's the LES$ basics:

I found mine in a "hip" movie store in Williamsburg, but I'm sure you can grab them in any "hip" looking place. The deals you can get range from 15% off dinner (kinda lame) to a free drink at certain venues (kinda cool). Other specials include free gifts with purchases over certain values.

I'd name drop specifics, but I uh, left the mag in my gym bag at home.

Yeah, I work out (when I'm not drinking.)


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