Jun 1, 2009

GUEST BLOGGER: Zlata on "When Is You Due On?"

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Zlata is a gem of a personal blogger. Her most recent post, in which she admits to hating voicemails and asking people not to leave them, couldn't ring more true with me. (I went as far as intentionally leaving my voicemail clogged, so if you want to reach me, you must keep calling [which I will further ignore] or leave me text [ding ding ding!])

But our dual hatred for VM aside, Z has a lotta thoughts, yo', and here's hers on how to manage bills bills bills in this recession recession recession:

When Is You Due On?

With the economy being as shitteous as it is, my need for monetary organization has grown tenfold. Not only that, but all the messages of being a more "green" planet has given me a guilty conscience. I completely am aware of how much junk mail I receive and how it is such a waste of paper. Given that, along with pressure from my roommate(s), I decided to attempt my monetary (dis)organization on line. Over the internet. Where money is just a number on a screen. I went from getting monthly credit card statements (which I then filed accordingly) to "opting out of paper statements" from all the companies I have credit cards with.

With the advice of my extremely organized-with-money roommate, I decided to then call all the companies to change the date of due payments to the 17th of each month, conveniently after payday. Perhaps you're reading this and scoffing at me, thinking "Um, duh -- everyone does that." But, I just never had an issue paying my statements as they came in, since I'd always be covered with the money in the bank.

Well, if we go back to the economy factor of this post - the money you have in checking should be just enough to get by -- any and all else should be in your savings. I'm a huge fan of ING, though after the interest rate dropped so low, I switched to an affiliate of Emigrant: First Dollar Direct. My point is, I have tried to be more organized now that I'm doing everything online - given that I'm more of a visual person. So in trying to do my part for the economy and the green Earth - I've sacrificed the convenience of tangible bills and would like to introduce you to the tool that helps me stay on-time with my payments.

IsDueOn is a simple bill tracker that lets you stay on top of your bills.

  • Create an account
  • Add your bills and set their due dates
  • We will send you reminders before the bills are due
  • Once the bills are paid, remove or reschedule them by simply clicking on a link in the reminder email
  • Get due date reminders through email, Twitter* and SMS*
  • Also get reminders for other important dates
  • Register NOW - it's FREE!

*Twitter and SMS support coming soon

So visit and setup an account today!

Thanks Z! Read more about her "Zlata Thoughts" (which range from commentary on weird you-tube videos, open letters to everyone that's annoying and her infamous collective Facebook status updates) by logging on and bookmarking: www.ihavezlatathoughts.com


BreKali said...

Well, I guess that solves the question, "Am I the only person who is anti-VM?" I had Verizon remove my voicemail years ago. People complain, "Bre, I can't seem to leave you voicemail" to which I respond, "Well, then text, email one of my 7 email addresses, send me a blackberry message, or call back one of my 3 phone numbers!"

ricebird said...

hahaha! i would love to do that, but i'm afraid i might miss an important something from someone important, because they're so important they don't know how to text, email or call back again until a pick up.

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