Katherine also happen to be one of my best friends, which can get interesting since we share the same first name. Because of this, we like to call ourselves K2. Yes, we get confused looks when we introduce ourselves to new people (especially if they're drunk.) But that's a-ok. They usually go away. We remain.

Now check out this weekly open bar she's sharing with us:

Crash Mansion offers an open mic night with a complementary open bar. This is music to my ears. As a frequent open mic junkie in New York City, I often find myself with the same predicament: I like drinking lots and lots of pinot, I like listening to good local music that New York City open mic nights provide, but I hate paying bar tabs. My favorite open mic night spot Cafe Vivaldi in the West Village offers some of the best local music, a kick ass open mic host, but a pricey two drink minimum that after two glasses of wine and some of their amazing ravioli can sink me 30 bucks in the hole.

With summer in full swing, I am back on the open mic prowl. The Tuesday night free open vodka bar might just make Crash Mansion my new favorite place. The schedule is as follows:

6 pm Open Mic
8-9 pm Free Vodka Open Bar
9 pm Acoustic Showcase

Will I check this out and report back to you? Most definitely. You can follow my open mic and other shenanigans on Twitter at KMEpstein and check out some of my music reviews at http://www.smellslikemusic.net/author/katherine-epstein/

Also, be sure to stay tuned for NYC Recession Diary's partnership with Phil Common's show on June 24th at 9 pm at Crash Mansion. The first 20 people with the provided coupon will receive a free CD.

Rock on.


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