Jun 17, 2009

ASSME.ORG - Swag-a-thon June 24

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Useless branded "swag" hanging around your house? Collect your shiz, RSVP, show up at ASSME.ORG's Swag-a-thon and enjoy their one hour open bar featuring VEEV cocktails from 7-8, then "recession friendly" $3 beers for the rest of the night! All proceeds go to a good cause.

Can you really call branded hand sanitizer bottles, pens and backscratchers swag? Maybe we should all just pay the $5 and spare ourselves the embarressment of actually admitting to owning/keeping around this kind of stuff.

Click image for more details.

RSVP: RSVP@assme.org
Where: Fontana's NYC

*thanks to a friend for forwarding me this event!


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