What can I say about Alan Danzis? For starters, when he bowls, he believes that hopping up an down will get AT LEAST one more pin to drop. I'm way better than him at flip cup. And yes, many people have a sneaking suspicion that he harbours a crush on my pet guinea pig.

But joking aside, in the land of all things geek, Alan reigns supreme. He regulary gives top-of-the-line PR counsel (straight from his heart) to some of the biggests brands in tech. This is good for you, and for me, because Alan penned us a lovely blog post on how to spend your recession-dollars when it comes to ELECTRONICS...

Just because the economy’s bad, and your job may be in trouble, doesn’t mean spending $2200 on a 1080p HDTV set is a stupid decision. I mean, if you’re all about the staycations, it’s a GREAT decision. Dropping $100+ on an HDMI cable to go from your cable box to your HD set, is however.

With that in mind, here are a couple ways you can still enjoy premium home theater and consumer electronics at home, while safeguarding your hard-earned cash during this economy:

  • Bargain hunt for cheap, but still quality audio and cables at sites like Monoprice. While I can’t vouch for the true worth of things like Monster Cable, I can, however, say that I have tons of expensive home theater equipment at home (I watch a lot of TV AND play lots of video games AND I'm single everyone!) that runs with $6 HDMI and optical cables, and I think it all sounds and looks incredible.

  • Used video games and movies usually look and work fine. I’ve bought tons of the years and have never gotten a dud. Plus, the way things turn around these days, you can be buying a used video game for $20 that cost $50 only a few months earlier. So use your hard earned money to buy DLC to extend the live of the game.

  • Get a smart surge protector. I don’t have one just yet, but plan to soon. Almost all consumer electronics suck off power even when turned off—apparently, the Playstation 3 is the worst. Why waste power when you’re not even enjoying your geeky doodads? Smart surge protectors like this one will completely turn off your electronics when not in use.

Have any other ideas on how to enjoy HT and other geeky goodness during the economy? Tweet @adanzis.

Thanks Alan! And for all those curious ladies, check out Alan's ZINGLE post: http://www.ihavezlatathoughts.com/2009/04/mingle-with-todays-zingle_30.html


Patrick O said...

this was both informative and geeky! thanks, alan. i want that TV.

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