May 6, 2009

GROUPON - Actual deals, in your inbox and Twitterfeed

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Today I bring you word about Groupon.

In their own verbage:
Groupon = "Group" + "Coupon"

“Groupon features an unbeatable daily deal on the best stuff to do in your city. But here's the catch - you only get the deal if a certain number of people join. Businesses offer Groupon great prices because we guarantee volume.”

Each day they feature something cool to do at a huge discount, BUT you + everyone else only get the discount if enough people join that day. Every day there’s a new Groupon.

More or less they are a hybrid of – they offer coupons with certain limitations, but at a steep discount.

Today’s special is a $50 voucher for just $20 (60% savings) to Le Périgord at 405 E 52nd St. in Midtown East.

Go online and get the daily Groupon (targeted directly at NYC) right in your inbox!



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