Looks like "screw" is the new "it" word to describe how we should treat the recession.

Or, Gizmodo's Sean Fallon saw my rival's blog campaign, then re-used their phrasing.

To be honest, the Gizmodo article isn't even that enlightening for someone like me, who lives in an apartment. Am I really going to save money on a home security system? Wait, I don't have one. Saving money right there (I'm also on a third floor walk up, and the most valuable possession I own (to a thief) is my slow as molasses, dead, probably Conflicker-infested HP laptop.)

I guess the triple-play comment is applicable to renters, but I already knew about that (duh) and we save money by not having phone service.

But in case you can buy things like EnergyStar appliances: http://i.gizmodo.com/5220241/screw-the-recession-how-to-spend-less-and-get-more?skyline=true&s=x

And I'd still like to say, SCREW YOU, Virgin Mobile.


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