Apr 22, 2009

Recession Meal: "Healthy Ramen"

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You: Yo, I'm broke, I need cheap food recs.

Me: Stiles Farmers Market!

You: God, would you shut up about that place already. Think C-Town. Got anything for me?

Me: Ramen?
You: Perf!

Wow, did this conversation really happen between us? Oh, wait, no, I imagined it. It's the best way for me to introduce you to "Ramen, That's Kinda Healthy"

1. Purchase Ramen, Celery, and Carrots
2. Boil water, insert 2/3 of noodles, throw out rest or save for some other dish.
3. Insert 1/2 cup of chopped celery, carrots. (replaces thrown out/saved noodles.)
4.Let sit until soft.
5. Eat or feed to starving roommate.


I eat this about once a week. I sometimes make a small side salad so I feel ok about it. I also periodically crave ramen-sodium, and you should never ignore cravings ;)


BS said...

And onions.
I love onions.

ricebird said...

I need to try onions!

Unknown said...

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