I have a love/hate relationship with the website http://www.sociallysuperlative.com/.

For a week the website was completely fucked up, ridden with a virus - perhaps Conficker. I couldn't log in and kinda wanted to cry.

And, way too often, the cool events are posted DAY OF and the RSVPs are closed (of course).


But I found one you all can go to! You get a whole WEEK advance notice! :)
Yoko Devereaux invites you to celebrateThe Launch of Yoko D

Exclusively at Urban Outfitters Stores and UrbanOutfitters.com
With Special Guest DJs:
David KatzDavid Lindwall (Stunners International)Phil Meynell (Blonde Acid Cult)

Thursday, April 30th
Tribeca Grand Hotel
2 Avenue of the Americas
From 9 pm til late
Svedka Open Bar from 9 - 10 pm


Unknown said...

レイバン ウェイファーラーをプレゼントにするから、一つ選んで」とお客さんに言われた。いつも指名してくれる、Ray Ban好きのおじさんだった、自分もサングラスが好きというアピールをしていたが、そんなに興味なかった。せっかくの誕生日プレゼントなので、いらないとは言えないし、適当にレイバン RB2143を選んだ、たまに使えるからいいっか。

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