Breakfast deals are abundant at your local Brooklyn & Queens bodegas, but did you ever think you could land a 1 dollar breakfast meal from chain restaurant? More or less Jamba Juice? Plus, move over Burger King, introducing the Strabucks Value Meal! Gothamist reports:

"Someone’s wind-chill related prayers have been answered, and now it has come to pass: through the end of March, hand over one dollar to the Jamba Juice folks, and in return they’ll hand you some hot, steel-cut oatmeal that comes with brown sugar and choice of fruit on top. The cheap breakfast is just one of the many current promotional deals riding the coattails of the economic stimulus nomenclature. In exchange for oatmeal, Jamba Juice requires you to conspire with tree-killers to get their oatmeal deal by printing out a coupon. In the meantime, in an effort just to get customers through the front door, earlier today Starbucks delivered on its promise to introduce a new “value meal” consisting of coffee and an egg sandwich, with oatmeal or coffee cake, all for a low-priced $3.95."

Eat up, kids.


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