Mar 4, 2009

Cheap Lunch Idea: Baked Potatoe!

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One of my coworkers just finished badgering me about what to do for lunch. Her dilemma: not hungry (but decided she must eat something). She was craving french fries, but the 7 minute walk to Burger King was a mysterious burden.

As she stared at me with her doe-like eyes, I eyed the bag of potatoes in my office that I bought from Stiles Farmers Market and haven't brought home yet because, well, they're fucking heavy.

Baked potatoe? I suggest. Her eyes light up like I just solved not her hunger, but world hunger.

After she wandered away happily with my potatoe, I realized this is a perfect recession lunch.


--Cost of 4lb Idaho potatoes: $2.50.
--Average # of potatoes in bag: 12-16
--Cost per potatoe: $.21-.25
--Butter: FREE (from office fridge via leftovers from corporate bagel breakfast platters or local lunch spot) or $1.00
--Salt & Pepper: FREE (packets from local lunch spot)
--Sour Cream (optional): $1.00 -$2.00; per potatoe: $.16

You can have lunch for a quarter, or fourty cents if you want sour cream, for two weeks.

Dude, beat that.

P.S. I smell a new blog topic strain: "Lunch for less than a buck." Thoughts?


BS said...

scrounge potato off office mate by giving her doe-like expression.
potato FREE!

ricebird said...

not everyone has as amazing coworkers as you, dahling

Anonymous said...

bhindi would have been way better

ricebird said...

let me pull that okra out of my back pocket.

Anonymous said...

well.. all i was trying to imply was that if you ARE carrying potatoes around in your purse, bhindi would have been way better.. thats all.. and, its easier to carry

ricebird said...

the potatoes are in a bag on my office floor. they make a nice conversation piece - i may leave them there.

BS said...

make him stop saying "purse"

ricebird said...

aditya is a purse

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