Feb 11, 2009

Recession SUCKS. Or does it?

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I'm not one of those unfortunate NYCers who have been canned by their respective companies. Much love to all those who are.

But, I'm feeling the pinch. (also, I can feel slightly ok about not having started my 401 k yet! woot!)

Actually, I was already feeling the pinch because I'm an entry level communications exec, so we all know I don't exactly make stellar paychecks. And, I live in NYC, so rent is 4x here what it is somewhere else....say, Kansas or, um, .. Montana.


But you know what? I'm getting by! And so are my friends.


Well, we now a.) eat in more (like, duh) b.) take advantage of every open bar known to man, even in places like Greenpoint and c.) pick up side jobs, such as freelance writing, secret shopping, modeling, and, for those talented in the circus-arts such as myself, clowning. YES, we are all for hire in our respective fields (but for me, you need to contact my clown "agent" first). More details on this in later posts.

Just to lay it out there, I will be periodically updating this lovely blog with news from the homefront regarding New York and the recession, and how me and my friends manage to cruise along without too much damage. And if we are damaged, how we plan to repair. Expect tips on everything recession-related, such as side jobs, how to not get fired, and where to find the next open bar.

With that, I leave you with this lovely list on my personal, OMFG, Positives of the Recession!


  • Rent only went up 30 bucks a month! Normally 100! 840 still in my and my roommates wallets! *CHA-CHING*

  • I now feel OK about staying in and catching up on TV via-Netflix online, such as "Friday Night Lights" (ok, so maybe this is more neutral-negative)

  • When I one day invest in my 401k, I can buy cheaper Bank of America stock!

  • "Recession Specials": Think Hollywood Tan 5 dollar tans, and EXTENDED Restaurant Week


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