One man's mission: 30 days, 30 dollars, 90 meals. Did he succeed? Er, yes.

He starts by stating:

"Upon returning from vacation in Japan, I find I have no money. As such, I have chosen to limit my food spending to three tenners for the month. Is it possible? I’ve sworn off mooching and handouts—except for a few perfect Italian meals made by my girlfriend’s mother. Plus, I did a full inventory of everything digestible in my kitchen, including all the “food” hibernating in the back of the freezer, cowering behind the garlic salt in the cupboard and relaxing in that moisture-controlled cheese drawer. For better or worse, it will all get used. "

I am both disgusted and impressed. There's no way in hell I could do this - I am a lover of both handouts and vegetables, ask anyone who knows me.

Check out the full story at Time Out New York (which, by the way, published what I am dubbing a RECESSION BIBLE this week. Woot!)


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